Sunday, September 19, 2010

Safe sex will help save the planet!

Green News Alert! Forget planting trees, or turning off the lights. According to London School of Economics, society’s focus on green technology is a complete waste of our time.

Economists claim that family planning through contraception is the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions. Every $7 spent on improving access to contraception would reduce carbon emissions by more than a ton, which is a great return. Conversely, you need to spend $30 on green technologies to see the same reduction.

If people who want access to services like the birth control pill got it, unintended births would be reduced by 72 percent, and thus future carbon emissions would be reduced. Fewer people, less carbon and a happier planet.

The London School of Economics isn't the first to point out that reducing the number of children you have is a powerful way to cut back your total environmental impact. Earlier this year, an environmental adviser for the UK controversially called on the government to provide better access to contraception and abortion as a crucial piece of its anti-global-warming policy.

Do you think getting contraception to people who want and need it should be the focus of climate change policy? Or should we be looking at bigger and smarter ways to help save the planet?

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